Aralık 14, 2013

Ho Ho Ho! Happy 2014 :) Wishlist..

Heyy, 2014 comes soon, but i hope it doesn’t come to me with free hands! I want many things as always i do. We will see whether 2014 makes me happy or not : ) here is my wishlist.

First of all, i want to success reading a book, because for a long time i didn’t. Taking high quality photos, going theatre more, watching the sunset more and even once sunrise, touching animals, offending and being offened less, spending more time with my friends, saying more “i love you” and less “Damn it!” are that i want.

On my lovely blog, i want hundreds followers and thousands comments, to share somethings with you : ) sure, by avoiding from social networks’ antisocializing, i wrote it because for a couple days i couldn’t leave my laptop to follow blogs..

In 2014, i want to go abroad more times. I went to Letonia and Lithunia with an EU Project, but there are so many places and countries i want to visit. For example, i want to see all Spain, it’s okay i think if i visit only Moscow in Russia, Louvre Museum and Eiffel in Paris, Pisa, Pompei and Venice in Italy.. If i go to Amsterdam, i wouldn’t visit the museums or old builds :D

In 2014, i want to get cool makeup products. Eyeshadows that are most natural, lipstick that is most pinky, eyeliner that is used easily, blush that is more pinky, more peachy would be with me all times : )

I wish all exams and presentations were finished in 2014!! How many years, we’ve have so many exams, hofff! I don’t want to be misunderstood and get graduated. I haven’t decided yet what i will do.

Every morning i get up, i want to see jelibon(gumdrop) in my bag : ) i want to eat 2 3 pocket of jelibon but i don’t want to get weights, on the contrary i hope to lose my 5 6 kgs.

As soon as i lose my weights, i want to get dressed skirts from midi to mini, but i want midis more : )
I just want to get a sweepstake to change my wardrop and get a collection of make up : )

I think that’s enough, i could say more, but poor you.. ıt’s my wishlist for 2014. I hope everyone could get what they want in new year. Your felling power inside is important ;)

For what do you wait in 2014? Please share with me :)

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